Geca Team

Geca, a self-financed IMATI project, started in 2020 and still ongoing. It consists of the re-engineering of the CNR library catalogue (GECA RDC, implemented at IMATI GE in the years 2014-201). The activities involved the definition, design and implementation of the archive of bibliographic resources, as well as the design of cataloguing and data query functionalities. Subsequently, new types of information were added (e.g., strips, archival assets, museum records in ICCD formats, editorial paths), thus making it the only system in the national panorama capable of managing all types of metadata in an integrated manner, from bibliographic resources to photographs, from museum heritage to archives, from collections to podcasts. Geca adheres to national and international cataloguing and data communication standards such as UNIMARC, MARC21, ISAD, EAD, and provides an OAI-PMH service for data reading and output in Linked Open Data. The current data are bibliographical resources (books, journals), leaflets (single articles or book chapters), archival assets, museum heritage records, guided tours and ancient books digitised and browsable online. The realisation of Geca attracted new funding and participation in CNR projects such as DigitXL and the Portal of Sources of the Italian Republic.

GECA 3.0

Geca 3.0 - New Version of Geca-rdc, Bibliographic Material Consultation and Cataloging System

GECA 3.0 - Training

Geca 3.0 (Training Version) - System dedicated to Geca training

GECA 3.0 - Test (Milano)

Geca 3.0 (Test version) - System dedicated to test new developments

GECA 3.0 - Export

Geca 3.0 (Export Validation) - System to verify exported data

Digit XL

Digit XL Project - Novum Corpus Fontanianum


Geca-rdc (Genova) - Previous version of Bibliographic Material Consultation and Cataloging System