Regional Project

Co-orbital motion and three-body regimes in the solar system

Short Title: TORTOISE

Principal Investigator: Elisa Maria Alessi
Strategic Areas: Applied Mathematics | Industrial and Civil Engineering
Project Areas: Matematica Applicata


Elisa Maria Alessi


Alexandre Pousse

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International workshop on Co-orbital Motion: modeling, under...

Funding Body

Fondazione Cariplo



Year of start/end

2020 / 2022





preprint 2021, Revisiting the averaged problem in the case of mean-motion resonances of the Restrict...
oral presentation at the XIX Jornadas de Trabajo en Mecánica Celeste
oral presentation at the IAU symposium IAU "Multi-scale (time and mass) dynamics of space objec...
oral presentation at the International Astronautical Congress 2021 (IAC 2021)
oral presentation at the International workshop on Co-orbital Motion: modeling, understanding, explo...
oral presentation at the 5th international workshop on key topics in orbit propagation applied to sp...
extended abstract (KePASSA 2022): An Arnold diffusion mechanism for the Galileo satellites
oral presentation at CELMEC VIII
oral presentation at EPSC 2022
oral presentation at STARCON2 - ESTEC - November 2022


The aim is to analyze the co-orbital motion by means of perturbation methods applied to the third-body effect in the orbital elements evolution and, at the same time, by means of the restricted three-body problem and the corresponding invariant objects. 

The focus is to understand the relationship between the two approaches and the possible transition towards different orbital regimes. 
A special emphasis is given to apply the analysis and the results to asteroidal motion.


  • three-body dynamics
  • invariant curves
  • dynamical transitions

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